Friday, April 11, 2008

Paula Abdul Randy Jackson - Dance Like There's No Tomorrow video

I don't know. When I watch this video, I just feel something is not quite right. As you know, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson are judges of American Idol. So, you are so used to seeing their faces every single week on FOX.

I don't watch American Idol because them but rather, I only want to wait for Simon Cowell's remarks. So, when these two Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson got together to do this music video of the song Dance Like There's No Tomorrow, I feel both of them are taking advantage of their appearance on American Idol to gain the fame. If not for American Idol, I doubt Paula Abdul will ever make it to MTV again.

You curious to see Paula Abdul boobs? I got a photo of Paula Abdul when she was much younger.

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Anonymous said...

american idol lives on the publicity/controversy paula abdul gives them. she gets 90 % of the attention. the show wouldnt be nr 1 without her, thats for sure. why wouldnt she take advantage of the show she helped make nr 1??