Saturday, April 19, 2008

TMNet service is a bitch

I am lucky to find a random line to use for a while. I dare not use my Sony Ericsson built in modem for too long because I don't want to fry my RM2,000+ handphone. It has Celcom Unlimited Broadband, which I pay RM68 per month for it.

So, why is TMNet service a bitch? Because they farking disconnected my home Streamyx broadban just so that they can upgrade my internet broadband. Can you farking believe an Internet Service provider like this? Yes, please do. They exist in Malaysia because TMNet is the only company which the Government sanctioned. They monopolized the whole farking country's internet connection.

Now, I will need for 3-7 days to get back my home internet connection. I ranted more on TMNet 4Mbps broadband over at my personal blog and I received a lot of dissatisfied customers complaints as well. I am not the only one who says TMNet service is a bitch.

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