Saturday, June 07, 2008

So we are going for my nephew wedding

Initially, we had decided that we are not going to travel over 500 miles to a wedding. We have told my nephew about it but I guess things just fall in place. You see, we thought that all six of our passports have expired and hence, it will be too costly for us to renew six passport just for the trip. But today, we realized only two passports need renewal.

So, I called my sister and told her that we will drive there to attend her son's wedding. It is the least we can do because their family just lost the grandpa and all the aunties from my bro-in-law side cannot attend the wedding. However, I told my sister we are totally broke and won't be able to afford hotel. So, she has to find a decent place for us to sleep at her son's new apartment. I don't expect cosy places like these Sea Pines rentals. Anything will do as long as it is within the family.

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