Saturday, June 07, 2008

SocialSpark - The no-follow way of making money

SocialSpark is part of the IZEA company which owns the famous PayPerPost. I have made tonnes of money from PayPerPost and am still on the all time top ten earner with over USD14K. So, if you ask me to tell you about SocialSpark , I can only sing praises for it.

My only regret is my lack of time to explore SocialSpark in depth. A lot has happened these last few months and I totally did not have time to find out how great SocialSpark is. There are lots of features there and I admit I didn't take every single one for a test drive yet.

In fact, I haven't even add my blogs to my profile at SocialSpark . However, a quick check shows that there are many paid posts that we can write and earn money. SocialSpark best feature is of course the no-follow tag added to our paid post link. No-follow link will not leak link juice and hence, will not cause us to lose our pageranks.

Then, you can make new friends on SocialSpark too because they have a lot of features that builds the community. Beside that, friends can help to prop you up. I am not sure what prop is but some blog buddies had propped me over there.

So, if you have not signed up for SocialSpark, do it now. Meanwhile, let me familiarise with it and I shall write a more elaborate post to explain in future.

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