Sunday, August 24, 2008

But I want to watch Zohan

My son told me he is going to watch Zohan and I told him I want to follow along. He said, No way ma, I am going with my friends. See? They are leaving their poor ma alone already.

He asked me to stay home and wait for the DVD or go out with my own girlfriends. I told him I have no girlfriends to watch with. Then, he suggested going out with his friends' mothers. Nah ah, I told him they will probably grill me over how many hours I spent with my children's homework and revision.

So, his best solution for me is to ask the father to get some nice home theater seating complete with kickass home theater sound system and watch it when it is available on DVD.

Poor me, by the time Zohan appears on DVD, his hair would have grown and touched the ground.

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I'm Choonie. said...

I watch lor. Zohan is such a charming fellow especially to mum like you. Ooppss... I am not trying to be harsh but it's true. Watch it and you will know. LOL