Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hubby sick already

Tomorrow, I am going to have a busy day. I have to cook dinner for my son's confirmation camp. The parents have agreed to prepare a dish each and bring to the children at camp. So, I volunteered to cook a chicken dish for them. Initially, I wanted to buy the chicken and store in the freezer and cook tomorrow. But the husband told me it is easier to buy on the same day and cook it on the spot.

Now, he has fallen sick and arrggh...please don't tell me I am going to the market myself to cart back 4 chicken. That's a lot of work, okay? I hope he got over his dizzy spell soon. He has taken Sturgeron to help with his dizziness. On and off, he is prone this woozy feelings. Have monitored the blood pressure and that man is fit as a fiddle as he can climbs up the hill every morning.

While rummaging through the pile of medicines, I found some Zithromax. It is an anti-biotic of course. So, I need to throw it away because one cannot store and take it as and when we like unless prescribed by the doctor. If you want more information about Zithromax, just hop over to the link provided and read. They have a library of medicines information.

“This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.”

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