Friday, December 05, 2008

I wonder what sort of hell awaits spammers?

I have a blog running on Wordpress.Org which I forgot to upgrade the Akismet plugin. Lately, there have been a lot of Wordpress plugin upgrades and if I forget to upgrade them, spams will come in by the hundreds per day.

It is very tedious to can them because these stupid spammers will leave a long list of URL in each spam comment. The list is as long as a monitor's height. On every page, only 20 comments appear and hence, I need to delete the spam, 20 by 20. As the farking links are so long, it takes while before they finish loading. So, each day, I have to spend a long time clearing spam comments and trackbacks.

Being the evil person, I hope God has allocated a hell for spammers. I wonder what they have to do in hell? Maybe they have to become telemarketer, getting the phone slammed, door shut and getting kick around in spammer hell?

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