Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Hands me down stuffs

I welcome hands me down stuffs for my children because children grow really fast. So, usually, my sister-in-law or sisters will give me their babies' stuffs which I passed on to my children.

It is certainly a good way to save money because I can then, pass it down to my other children. In fact, I hardly buy those expensive but really nice baby bedding because they are given to me for free. After I have used for four kids, the stuffs are no longer suitable for giving to others. So, what i did is to give them to the children in the plantation estate.

My sisters do not want those old stuffs passed back to them because their own grandkids will be lavished with new stuffs already.

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dood guy said...

iv seen ur sites progressing from cheesy jscripts (the one dedicating to lost child) to sophistication now! amazing works!