Friday, March 27, 2009

Looking for a camcorder

I am totally not familiar with the names for video cameras. There is handycam, camcorder, video camera and other names used by different camera brands. Then, there is CMOS and CCD technology and the storage come in so many types like HD, SD, DDIV bla bla bla.

These two nights, I have been out shopping for a camera. Initially, I was thinking of find the cheapest but have all the features I want. Then, I notice that the more expensive ones have so many other cool features. Now, I am totally boggled. Should I buy a cheap one or spend more?

The other thing is how each shop quotes different prices. How nice if they are all displayed on supermarket shelves with fixed price and all I need is to go the nearest barcode scanner and get the price without having to bargain for them.

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