Wednesday, August 19, 2009


It is dates season here again. I am not talking about the boy girl dates but rather the fruits from the dessert.

I love dates a lot. My favourite is the fresh ones which is not too ripe and yet, not too tart. A few of these gives me a sugar high all the time. But the bad thing about dates is how high in sugar and calories they are. That's why the Arabs could survive on dates in the desert.

The other day, I went to this shop specialising in dates and they have the most expensive ones which is call the prophet date. I asked the shopkeeper why it is expensive and he told me the nutrients in that date is much higher than others.

I think if I keep eating so much dates, I will need weight loss supplements because I am not fasting and yet, eating. My Muslims friends are fasting and hence, taking dates are good for their digestion.

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