Friday, November 05, 2010

When is gold going to be fashionable?

I was writing about gold coin and how it is good to invest in gold.

But I just recall the times when gold was in fashion. Like gold shoes, gold handbags, those chunky gold earrings and even gold material for dresses.

I think I would love to own a few pairs of gold shoes and a couple of gold handbags. It is nice to have them sparkling and shiny. Even if I can't afford gold coins, at least I get to stare at the fake ones and be happy about it.

So, when is gold going to come back in fashion? Can we have them in the next season? Plese? The world needs brighter stuffs because it is dreary as it is.

Women magazines are wasting my time

I bought a few women magazines but they are still in their plastics. I do not know why I bought them in the first place. I was on holiday and thought I will have time to flip through the pages.

However, I wasn't in the mood to let them mess up my holidays. You know how women magazines are. They give you the message that you are not pretty enough, you need the latest make-up, the latest fashion and more money to spend.

Love is a battlefield

Wow, this is such a flasback. I am watching the movie and it has this song. I remember the good old times. When disco was the rage and Saturday nights are spent dancing in disco.

Now? Saturday nights mean catching up on housework, spending time with the kids and just flat out at home.

I suppose it is not such a bad thing after all. It is quite good to stay home and do nothing.

So, do you know this song? Pat Benatar's voice is so powerful, isn't it?

I have enough of gold, what about you?

My friends are asking me why I have so much to gush about gold coins and all things gold.

Well, it pays to talk about gold because gold is good. It is like the most sought after metal in the world and people want and love gold. They fought over it, they tried to impose their power on others to get more gold.

So, gold has a kind of attraction that everybody wants. Women love them. Men love them. Countries love them.

That's why you will be reading and hearing a lot about gold and more gold because that's what I do. Promote gold and get paid to do it. So that I have lots of money to buy gold for myself instead of dreaming of it.

Festival of Lights

Today is the festival of lights. The triumph of light over evil. Of winning the war over evil matters. A celebration of victory over darkness.

A lot of Hindu friends are celebrating Deepavali but I chose to stay home today because I really need a break. Having nothing to do is so relaxing and I enjoy my day today.

However, I need to work tomorrow, eating lots of indian goodies.