Thursday, January 27, 2005

Smoking makes a good girl, bad.

Scene one - a coffeeshop in Penang Road
Main subject - A fat auntie in her late 30s, elephant thighs, wearing shorts, showing her cellulites. Electric blue eyeshadow. Puffing away nonchalantly. Her smokes invaded my precious kids' lungs.

Scene two - the same day, but at night in another coffeeshop in Relau, Penang
A fair skin, lovely complexion lady, late 20s. When I walked into the coffeeshop,her beautiful complexion caught my attention. But psssssh... deflated my respect for her. She finised her meals and start puffing away too. Again, cancer causing smoke inhaled by my kids.

Ok, I am a sexist. I don't care about men smoking. My ex-boss was a chain smoker and I happily inhaled the smokes. The smell is so strong that even my bras and panties smelled of ciggies smokes at the end of the day. I can't afford to worry too much about second-hand smoke because I need the dough, serving him, smoke or without.

But it is another thing for a woman to smoke. Men smokes because they have a lot of pressures to earn money. I have seen how my ex-boss rattled off a lot of fantastic ideas, multi-million dollar deals done with a few puffs. But WTH a woman like the auntie and the nice young lady smoke for? Making a statement? What statement? That you are a whore? A GRO? A used piece of rag? Does smoking lift you a notch higher in anyway?

I know there are teenagers who fell into the trap of wanting to measure up with their peers by trying out smoking. However, I believe many would eventually realise it is pretty silly as it is not worth the trouble of getting caught by the school authorities or the parents. Last time, discos used to distribute free ciggies. I tried it too, no big deal. We have to do everything once. But it was mere experimenting. A puff or two, that's it.

However, by a certain age, a young lady would have grown into a woman. And I would like to believe that as a woman, she doesn't have to depend on the ciggies as something to lift her self-esteem or give her an identity. There are so many things that she can do to be proud of herself. Like staying pretty, smart or whatever. There are ways to remain a bitch without holding a ciggy.

Why am I against women smoking but not men? Well, men do not carry as much responsibility as women. If they die of lungs cancer, their spouse merely become richer from their insurance money. No big deal. Want to die, die la. But if a woman smokes, she will screw up the health of her future babies. Babies born to a smoker suffers. Sometimes, they die before they are born. Some are born with congenital disorders. And some women eventually have problem conceiving at all.

These young ladies who are happily and proudly puffing away at clubs, bars, coffee joints may not realise the danger they are putting themselves and their future babies through. I have seen and encountered smokers who gave birth to babies with disorders. No amount of thing can help to clear their guilts. It is just not worth it. Women ought not to smoke.

Guys do not fancy gals who smoke. Smoking makes a good girl, bad.


Theo said...

I understand your point of view but I do not think it is OK for a guy to smoke as well. He does just as much(if not even more) damage to himself than a lady that smokes. You seem to think that it is OK for guys to smoke because of stress. Take this from an Ex smoker guy. If smoking helped for stress I never would have any more stress. I am glad I quit smoking and stopped harming myself. I recorded my story at my site to help other people quit. I will help anyone as far as possible to quit this stinky habit.

Anonymous said...

Actually your mistaken. Some men, including myself, do find women who smoke attractive.

We all know smoking is bad for you, but you might get away with no damage if you quit early. We all know going over the speed limit is wrong, that sneaking out without your parent's permission is wrong, etc, etc. But it's the girls who never did these things, that frankly didn't dare, that becone boring in later years.

I bet you never gave a guy a blow job while he drives either. That would mean breaking seat belt laws :)

You must be a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I enjoy the site of a pretty girl smoking. I realize its bad for them, but gosh they sure look good doing it.

Anonymous said...

Wow you really are sexist, and not very bright.

So it doesn't bother you if a man's second hand smoke goes in your kids lungs? A father dying doesn't affect anyone? Working women aren't under a lot of pressure? Your arguments to justify your sexism are pathetic.

Also plenty of guys (and gals) do find smoking sexy so I don't know where you got that idea.