Thursday, January 04, 2007


When you get the flu, you tend to get the whole package. The part I hate is the runny nose. The nose just keep dripping and dripping. Sometimes, it is so bad, I stucked two tissue right into my nostrils to stop the flow.

I dislike taking anti-histamines because some made me sleepy. Others give me dry mouth. There are so many brands out there it gets confusing to remember what is what.

Allegra is one of the anti-histamines on the market which I haven't tried before. I am not sure if it is agreeable to me. But it is worth a try. Do you know that it is very dangerous to drive if you are taking anti-histamines if we drive or operate heavy machineries? You should attempt to find out more about the medicines you take because your doctor may sometimes forget to mention it to you. Check it out on the internet because there are many good sites available.

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