Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Chinese traditions

Last week, my sister called me on Christmas Eve to go to her house. Unfortunately, I was busy with Christmas preparations and wasn't able to do so.

Her future son-in-law came with the family to deliver the dowry. How cool is that? They brought along some traditional biscuits, money and other gifts. I was one adamant girl last time because I refused to have all these traditions as it feels like my mom is selling me! So, I declared a totally tradition free wedding which means less money to waste as well.

But my niece and sister love doing traditional stuffs like these and enjoyed the rituals. Come to think of it, it is kinda heartwarming because one does feel the 'detachment' from the family, isn't it? Like oh oh, you are going to be married off are no longer part of the gotta go take care of your mother-in-law....*sweats*

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