Friday, February 23, 2007

All the hoo-haa over losing weight

An acquaintance cornered me and insisted I tell her my secret. I am terribly annoyed when people do not believe me. I told her that my doctor had ordered that I lose five kilogrammes if I do not want to end up dead like all my male cousins and father. Even my eldest brother is under the heart doctor's care. We have a family of heart diseases.

My doctor was this thin, scrawny guy. I know his brother's wife as she took care of my son in UMMC. During Chinese New Year, this professor and her husband (another professor, all doctors) dropped in my house. So, yeah, I can considered my doctor as a family friend, though not that chummy. So, when he gave me the order, I had no choice but to listen. I cannot escape and find another doctor because somehow he has marked me.

So, I changed my eating habits, got more active and yeah, I did lose some weight recently. And this friend of mine had been bugging me to tell her the secret. She asked me if I take any herbal stuffs or any of those fatal side effect, unlicensed diet pills. She insisted that I am being selfish in not wanting to share my secret with her.

Recently, I wrote about hoodia in one of my blogs and she now believe I lost weight due to hoodia. I bet she is on her way to the pharmacy to grab herself some hoodia after all the hoo-haa.

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