Friday, February 23, 2007

Gift of a pen

My hubby has this old, old pen which was engraved with his name. Many years ago, he told me it was a gift from some girl. Until now, he is still having the pen eventhough he has those expensive ones. His job requires him to sign a lot. So, he must have a pen in his briefcase all the time.

Until today, I never want to know who gave it to him. Sometimes, things are best left alone. Just not worth the trouble to find out. Still, at times, I do wish to steal the pen and make it disappear.

Bah! Forget it. I am too old and too comfy with my life to care about these little things. However, I do wish I have some gifts like a pen which I can hang on. Then, again, I don't think I appreciate all those memories.

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