Friday, February 23, 2007

Being Catholic

It can get pretty sensitive sometimes when I mentioned something related to my Catholic faith and other denomination of Christians asked me questions in such a manner like I am not worshipping the One True God. How do I tell them that we believe in one God, the Father Almighty? That yeah, we have more outward actions than them because we hold on tight to traditions?

That I prefer to have a statue of Mother Mary at home because I like the comfort. I am not praying to the statue but just a mere presence that hey, someone is watching over me. Whenever there are travelling merchants who come to my church selling catholic gifts, I will definitely buy something because it is such comfort to have rosary beads or little crosses. Moreover, they are so lovely and unique.

So, bah, to all those inquisitive folks who twisted their mouth and raised their eyebrows, leave me alone. Don't ask me how fasting fits into a Christian's life. If you have spent time with the Bible and travelled the path of Jesus, you will know that he fasted too. He was tempted by the devil as well. Therefore, I am only taking baby steps to test my willpower. Moreover, soon we will come to Good Friday. And there is nothing more upsetting than Good Friday. Our Lord dies. But on Easter, I can look back and feel glad that I had done my part to test my faith. I can rejoice with His resurrection.

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