Friday, February 23, 2007

Wise words

I am going to keep some of the words written by someone over here. He may delete them off soon so what better way than to archive some of his thoughts over here?

I had spent a couple of hours, reading two years + of blog postings. Yeah, yeah, I cheated a bit 'cos I don't care much about politics. They are the same stuffs again and again because morons rule all the time. Same story, different morons.

So, here are things I am going to steal and keep.

We all know this but most of the time we take things for granted. Its time to live life again like there is no tomorrow (no pun intended). Live it to the fullest! Stop reading, take a deep breath! It feels good to be alive! Live it!

* Forgive and forget
* Tell them you love them
* Take out those jogging shoes
* Be happy
* Let go of the past
* Stop doing whatever you are doing now and take a deep breath and smile
* Do whatever you have been longing to do
* Go for your deserved vacation (but buy me a souvenir)
* Appreciate those around you more
* Stop those self pity(ness)
* Chase your dreams
* Best of all, start a blog and share your happiness with others

Life’s short! Live it!

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