Tuesday, February 27, 2007

My baby is growing up

Two more days, my little gift of God, Matthew will be four years old. Well, time flies by when you are having a good time. He is the easiet baby to take care off. All the time, happy, contented and healthy. Thank God!

At four, he can recognise numbers, up to the tens. Just today, he was counting 21, 22, 23.....40, 41....'cos the internet was damn slow and he looked at the downloading green bar. LOL.

And the cutest thing is he can recognise URLs since he was 2 years plus. He is going to be quite the techie boy, I am sure. Right now, he can do Google search already.

Well, along with birthdays, come the little nagging feelings that soon, he will be too old to need my cuddles and kisses.

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