Saturday, February 24, 2007

Another family in Christ

I realised something special the other day when we had the family gathering. Many years go, if anyone tells me that I will be a Christian, I would have laughed my head off. My parents were not inclined towards Christianity at all.

But last month during my niece's wedding, I suddenly realised that almost all my mother's grandchildren have turned to Christianity. It goes like these:

1) Eldest sis - Eldest son is a Christian

2) Second sis - Eldest son is a Christian

3) Eldest bro - Only one daughter and I have a feelings she will turn to Christ one day.

4) Second bro - His wife and his two children are Christians.

5) Me, myself - My kids and I are Christians

At my niece's wedding, I was feeling terribly choked up because my mom took care of her since she was a newborn until she went to secondary school. Though that niece is not in Christ, I still feel a certain joy that so many of mom's grandchildren are now in Christ. This is not something that she would expect but I know for sure that if she had been here, she will accept our choices. My second sis's son is going to be married soon, to a good Christian girl. Another one of mom's most beloved grandson.

May all our prayers make mom rejoices in the Kingdom of God and may He has mercy for all our departed ones and grant them a place with Him.

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