Friday, March 02, 2007

6-weird things meme

Surprise, surprise! I have been in existence for a long time but never bother to promote. But now, I am desperate because I need some linkie love to get my Alexa rankings up. So, if you have any meme, please throw it my way. I will gobbled up like a hungry dinosaur.

So, Sasha tagged me with the 6-Weird things meme along with Wingz, cocka, Immom and mott. Since I cannot write good pantuns like Ahpek, I will just write regular ones.


I have a weakness for men with moustache. Like Datuk K type of moustache. Don't ask me why, I won't tell you why. I had cheated with a guy who was my ex-bf's neighbour know the answer.


If I have my bolster, I don't need any man to hug to sleep already. So, if hubby has to work outstation, I wouldn't mind. But if I go to hotels, I will be missing my BooBoo. Sayang my BooBoo....


I have problem telling the difference between left and right. If I am sitting at the back seat of a taxi, I will have to go to the front, use my hand and point the direction. If I am facing a person, face to face, like say a dance instructor, I will get all my directions messed up.


I don't really like kids. Only my own. So, you don't pass me your baby to cuddle, ok? But I do take exception on some babies. I don't know why. Maybe because my sisters forced their kids on me when I was as young as ten years old and I had to jaga them. Blek, I don't like kids.


I have to brush my teeth at every bath time or else, I feel dirty. Also, if I need to poo, my body parts must not be wet. If say I got my hands wet from washing, I will need to dry it well. Or else I feel the shit sticking to me. And if I am at home, I will take a bath after every poo-poo plus I prefer to poo in birthday suit.


I like to make friends with men more than women. I find men easy to confide in because they don't bitch and make perfect soul mates. Women are too complicated for me to understand.

Heh, I think they aren't very weird, right? Weird is like when you only wear red underwears on Monday and Friday, weird is like when you eat peanut butter with sambal belacan, weird is like you need to wank the moment you watch Oprah Winfrey or Mawi.

Now, I am going to tag five. They better take my tag. Please use Karma Karmeleon and don't use any reference to 5xmom or Lilian, ok?

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