Thursday, March 29, 2007

Chillin' out is sometimes good for my soul

I got text messages, MSN, emails and even phone calls that my sites aren't available. I am like 'Enuff already! You think I am not aware?'

And if that is not enough, people are complaining that they cannot use my forum. I wish to shoot them a reply that 'Hey, it is a free forum, for goodness sake! I am not indebted to give everyone 24/7 access. Say thank you already."

So, what do I do? I took a nap. And another nap. Not that it matters to me that my other sites are down because muahahaharr....I saved my butts from the new category thingie on PPP.

I set the categories for this blog without knowing that I can only choose four. I did not know that I cannot change anything until 29 days later. So, yeah, I am so happy my other blogs aren't trapped into the new categories. So, yeah, I'm lovin it! Sites down, I mean.

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