Thursday, March 29, 2007

Watershed for bumpy rides

All of us wish for perfect life with white picket fans and happy families. But sometimes, the ride gets bumpy and things do not go like it should.

I have a relative whose teenage son got his girlfriend pregnant. Then, they got married and had difficulties. She died due to suicide attempts which cause liver failure. AFter that, he turned to drugs and alcohol. The family refuse to acknowledge him and is now caring for their little daughter.

If I am the parents, I would get my son to find alcohol treatment and also to get him off drugs. For example, The Watershed Drug & Alcohol treatment centre has helped many individuals like this young man back to a happier and more organised lifes. I just failed to understand why the parents aren't standing by him.

If you are in my shoes, will you talk to the parents about this? Or do you pretend everything is fine even when the young man intentionally make a fool of himself at family gatherings?

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