Saturday, March 17, 2007

Credit card - Are you ready?

I have been pondering over this issue because soon, I may need to get a supplement card for the son. I am all for it because so far, thank God, he has been prudent with the spending. We give him a 'free flow' of cash, i.e. accessible to them if he needs it without asking for permission.

But how many of the children are like this? I didn't apply for credit cards until I was 22 years old and by then, I was earning a salary to own one. I know that I am fully responsible for my own spending and I don't have any parents or sugar daddy to help me out if I busted my credit.

Nowadays with so many great and tempting help out there like 0% credit cards
and the ability to balance transfers from one to another, will my children have that kind of discipline I have?

Whatever it is, I may need to compare credit cards and make some choices for this son. I shall worry about the others when they reach the legal age for a credit card. They are not as discipline as the eldest but we shall see...


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