Sunday, March 18, 2007

Getting a bigger pair of eyes

Recently, I blogged about how men are still attractive if they have small eyes but how we women seems to need to enlarge and enhance our eyes all the time. It seems that many women find men with small eyes attractive. But funny thing is men didn't express that much enthusiasm for women with slit eyes. Looks like if we have tiny eyes, we have to make up to make those eyes, which are windows to the soul bigger.

Now, if I turn back the time, I think I would have gone for a double-eye plastic surgery. Plastic Surgeon will probably do magic for my eyes which is one feature that I am not totally proud of. How nice if I can get some botox done as well like those celebrities. Hmmm...take a look at this gorgeous place:

If I have checked myself in, I also want a tummy tuck, breasts augmentation, liposuction....Gee...make me beautiful from top to toe, please!

The place looks fabulous enough to stay for a while and get out of the clinic a totally new person. Then, bah! I may even look better than Gong Li and be a star in Hollywood, with a toyboy or two in tow. Now, wouldn't that be delicious?

Another great shot of the place. Surf over to their site and see if they can perform magic for you as well. Now, if I work harder, I may be able to afford their fees soon.


*This is a review brought to you by Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery *

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