Monday, March 19, 2007

Invasion of privacy

I wanted to shoot this in my personal blog and am thinking over the consequences. Some asshole took for granted that he is in my good books and sent me an email with a male organ, making references to my humourous post about foods. Fuck! I cannot stand hypocrites who write so much about all those Christiany stuffs but at the same time, have the alter ego of a pervert.

Maybe it may seems harmless to some but this asshole calls me aunty eventhough he is old like shit and fat like pig. Hmmm that rhymes... He is all holy-moly and talks like he is the Vatican walking information booth.

The first time, I had ticked him off for asking me how 'long' my husband last when I was writing another humourous post. This is getting way too much because as far as I am concerned, anything uttered on my blog has no relation to my personal life.

No one has the rights to ask me any private questions on MSN or send me any sickening photos on my private email. Now, let me go mull over it and see how to slay hypocrites like this.

Fuck him!

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