Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pingo for four hours of international phone calls

I remember many years ago....standing in the cold, windy roads of Italy's cobble stones , making phone calls to my babysitter in Malaysia. I had to leave my baby who was only five months old behind to make the trip. Yet, my heart was so torn and had to call the babysitter everyday to make sure that my baby was ok.

Looking back, I wish I have Pingo calling cards and not worried about the cost of making the phone calls. It was very expensive to call from my mobile so I used a public phone. If only I have Pingo. It is the most trusted service which providecheap prepaid calling cards online. See the rate of calling from Italy to Malaysia is only 6.8cents. If you sign up, you get four hours of free call. Isn't that such a great bargain?

No more worries of burning a huge dent in your mobile phone bills. No more worrying about your loved ones left behind in another country. You can even find a boyfriend who lives across the globe.

So, the next time you are looking for international prepaid phone calling cards, you know where to search.

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