Friday, March 16, 2007


I am not sure why but I had konked out by midnight every day for the last few nights. This is just so un-me because my bedtime is 3 am. 3 am is when all the action is in the US of A. 3 am is when I have earned enough money to go to bed, smiling.

But last few nights, my brain can't function. My eyes started to get blur. And I even cheated by shutting my eyes in between pages downloading time. That is like shutting my eyes for 1 minute every five minutes.

I hope this does not last long. Maybe it is because of the schoool holidays and I have to toil and labour during the day to keep the kids fed and happy.

*sigh* I need to adjust my body clock again. If I sleep at midnight, I will wake up at 9 am and there is nothing to do at 9am.

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