Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sugardaddy - I likey!

Damn, I almost feel wicked writing about this. But let's get our facts right. Money is almost everything. I just finished watching a movie by Aaron Kwok who is very, very poor. He made his wife and son miserable due to his poverty. I cried bucket of tears over the sufferings the boy went through.

So, if any girls ask me, I will tell them matter-of-fact that they should look for a man with established financial position if they can. If the guy is young, then, at least see that he works hard and have the desire to succeed. Bad boys are good to have but not to keep. Poor guys may be charming but your stomach will be growling.

Now, I am not advocating girls to be gold diggers but if you need to find a partner that can guarantees you a good life ahead for yourself and maybe your future children, go find a sugar daddy . Of course, he need not be filthy rich but at least have a comfortable life with a secured job. Go on, check out those sugar daddies waiting for you! Good luck with fishing for one! Hehehe.

*paid post*

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