Friday, April 20, 2007

Best free online bookmark

Bookmark is those compilation of URLs that we frequently visit and wish to keep in our PC so that we can easily return to refer to it. This is for our convenience. However, if you are sharing PCs or wish to keep some of those sites that we do not want another person to know, then, how do you do it?

Or if you are like me, with two laptops, things can get pretty haywire when I did not synchronise them. Therefore, how nice if I can store all of these things into one place?

Well, you can now with where they have taken over the task of doing the bookmarking. All you need is to register for a free account. Then, you instal a toolbar in your browser. After that, whatever you bookmarked will be stored online.

This way, when you are travelling or using another PC, you can easily retrive them. I read that you can store the RSS feeds of your favourite sites as well. Now, isn't this a marvellous idea? Your boss won't have to know what you normally surf. Your children won't stumble upon sites not suitable for them. And if you have several sites that you prefer to keep secret, the dirty little secret is safe.

Check out the site. It is the first ever to provide this service.

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