Thursday, April 12, 2007

Candle and the role it plays in my home

This is a photo of the candle my son held in church the other day. On Easter Vigil and Easter morning, we lighted the candle to symbolize the renewal and new light. The mass on Easter is very uplifting because we are to start anew on a clean slate.

Therefore, being a Catholic is like an extension of my previous faith. I still get to light candles which I love to do. It gives off a soothing and warm light, makes the house calming and most of all, a symbol of light or new hope.

So, most of the time, I have a bunch of candles or tealights to be lighted. The only thing that held back my fondness of lighting candles are my children. Normally, I only do it when I am absolutely sure that I am there to keep a watchful eye. I have a little altar with photo of my angel son whom is in Heaven and along with it, little, cute ceramic statues of Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus. It is a comforting for me and yeah, I will go on lighting candles. For others as well.

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