Friday, April 13, 2007

From rags to riches - that's Belisi

I can read over and over again about how Peter Belisi made it to where he is now. It is almost like a beautiful novel where this man work hard as a bartender, having to support a wife and a new baby and venturing into the fashionable world.

How many times have we read stories like these or watch movies with such story line? I am sure Peter had gone through some tough times trying to make ends meet, coming up with beautiful designs to sell and burning the midnight oil to meet the orders. Belisi is indeed a marvellous story of how one can become rich and famous with lots of hardwork, some smart moves and lots of creativity.

He has changed the fashion world, making what used to be the rich man accessories become affordable for most people. He has cleverly given a chance for the rest of people to have the same beautiful style and design of the elite, rich Palm Beach crowd. That's Peter Belisi's story.

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