Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Chocolate and me

I am not one who likes to whine but seriously, life can be pretty boring and mundane sometimes. Okay, make that, life can be very boring and mundane all the times. So, my lifesaver is the money I generated from writing paid posts. It is like a job to me now. Of course, it is far better paying than a real job.

But there are days when I am so tired of taking care of the house, the kids, the school ferrying tasks and yet, there are writing assignments to complete. If I don't have some chocolates within reach, a cup of coffee twice a day and some outlets to rant about life, I probably have gone bonkers.

Of course, I can take away the writing assignments. But that would means I go jump down Komtar (Penang tallest building) or down the Penang bridge. So, it is back to writing assignments and juggling whatever that comes my way. Chocolates - can't live without it.

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