Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Womansavers.com - A place for women only

This site is wickedly funny yet mighty empowering. Womansavers.com is a site for women whom had been cheated in their relationships. It is also a place where women whom are abused can seek peer support through their forums.

I actually find their WomanSavers.com e-cards whacky and yet, so true. Before your proceed to the site, let me warn you that some may find them offensive and the cards are rated 18SX. Still, the message that it sends is very powerful to tell women that it is not okay to allow themselves to be cheated and abused.

So, if you know of a friend whom is recovering from broken relationship or one who often get abused, either verbally or physically, tell them about WomanSavers.com, will ya?

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