Thursday, April 26, 2007

Eclipse Internet

I will like to spread the news about this broadband provider in the UK call Eclipse - Home and Business Broadband. I heard that they are now offering broadband at 8Mbps. Oh wow, I cannot imagine what I can do with that speed. Right now, I am only having 1Mbps.

So, whether you are in business or a home user, hop over to see the great price being offered. I am very sure business broadband will benefit greatly from the free phone calls thrown in as part of their package. Terms and conditions apply but still, it is worth exploring.

I am now more interested in mobile roaming as I want to be connected all the time. So, I took at look at what they have, i.e. ROAM Wi-Fi. These are what they provide:
Quick, easy and convenient
Access your emails while out and about
Surf the Internet at a number of locations throughout the UK
No monthly subscription
Only 10 pence per minute

Good eh? I can blog from anywhere, anytime. Now, that will be interesting!

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