Friday, April 27, 2007

Can't I blog without someone thinking I am writing about someone?

This is getting frustrating. I was sharing some women heart-to-heart chummy talk yesterday and I was given to understand that an emo post I made because I felt touched with an article had gone sour in someone's book. This girl told me one guy got the sting, thinking that I was dedicating that post to him.

I explained that when I was writing my post, there was nothing of such nature. So, when I am being accused by the guy, I definitely get pissed. I get pissed easily and it takes a lot to get me un-pissed.

I suppose it is almost impossible to say anything, write anything without someone thinking that you are referring to someone else. Blogging is no fun when we have that problem of hitting the Publish button. It is so duh when we have to weight and measure if what your are going to publish is going to get someone else slighted. Bah, to hell with others feelings. I am blogging for myself and my close friends should know that when I want to hit someone, I will hang them for all to know. I don't write obscure posts. I give the whole nine yards of truth.

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