Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Getting ogled

I just had a hilarious MSN conversation with a girlfriend. We had a riot laughing over the antics of some of the old men we met. My friend and I are both in our 40s and we lamented how at this age, we tend to attract even more men.

Well, when we were younger, we only have the younger 'audience'. But funnily enough, there seems to have more oglers in the from of the much older men nowadays. The younger ones aren't interested in us but the older ones have no qualms about showing that they are staring at our boobs. OMG, it is hilarious, really. So, I was telling my friend that we should be keeping a Viagra or two in our wallet along with condoms in case we meet someone as rich as Donald Trump and need to make a killing on the spot. Bwahahaha.

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lil'd said...

your other blog is still down eh, that's why you are hanging around with this blog. this time where did you both go for breakfast, london?