Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Are the Americans being racist to Sanjaya Malakar of 'American Idol.'?

I think so. 'Cos I don't see the hype of it. So, there was this kid with a crazy hair-do. So, he can't sing that well. But duh, does he really need that many criticisms? I mean, there are lots of other weirdoes out there as well. Some so obese, they probably die by the time they reach stardom. But why pick on Sanjaya?

Jeng, jeng, jeng...because he is an Indian. Because he is Asian. Because he is different. That's why. So, you go Sanjaya. Go beat 'em.


lil'd said...

wah, you very fast ah, watch halfway already post. i think the judges are being bias and rude. but based on his performance today, i think he's very close to being butt out. anyhow i believe it is an american conspiracy to kick him out of the contest. still it is a voting contest, i think the whole indian community in america whole be very busy with their phone, in order to keep their idol alive in the contest

Jacquelin said...

I don't think it's a matter of racist at all. AI is a singing contest. This kid sux in singing, and yet, week after week, he's still in the running. But a lot of other good contestants are being booted off the show because of him. And that is just not fair.. So that's why..