Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Laser off my spots

I consulted a dermatologist the other day about this little mole on my cheek. Actually, I was hoping for something to apply to clear it. It started as a little brownish spot and turned into raised bump.

But my doctor told me it is a wart. A wart! OMG, I thought toads only get them. She told me she can laser it off. That got me a little worried and I had decided to KIV the procedure first. Actually, the little black dot does look like a mole and maybe my face looks prettier with that little wart sitting there.

While searching around for skin care treatment, I read that nowadays, laser procedure is just a painless and quick method to get rid of skin problems. I look through the website and may consider it. Probably, I will go for it and get rid of the little black dot. Who knows, it may be cancerous.

If you wish more info, do check out this Salt Lake city clinic which can do skin care treatments including botox treatments, laser hair removal, spider vein treatment, mole removal, laser resurfacing, non-surgical facelifts, lip injections, facial peels, and skin cancer treatments. Pheww.....how nice if I can afford all that!

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