Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My blogs are down again

It is over twelve hours and I am still waiting for all my blogs to come online. So what can I do but to channel all those thoughts into this little, humble blog?

I am not sure why or who caused it. I don't want to know because it doesn't change a thing. I am better off not knowing that to find out that someone actually dislike me and hacked my sites? Eeek..the truth hurts and ignorance is bliss.

I hope to get them back by midnight or else I am going mad.


KennyP said...


Your blog has already downed a few days so I tried to search your other blogs and found here.

Now I know what happened. Good luck to you.

Kvin said...

as what i know, some data centre are doing matainance, some of the local website will down temp. this comming saturday will hv a major shut down at cyberjaya1 data centre