Thursday, May 10, 2007


I ain't afraid of no bug. Nah ah, so I think I am going to love this movie by Lionsgate Films titled Bug Starring Ashley Judd. The more bugs there are, the merrier. Oohh...I can just feel them crawling all over my skin, my hair and trying to go into my orifies. Now, that sounds pretty gooooddd.... Take a look at the little black monster up there. Think you can handle it digging into you? Mating you and giving birth to lots and lots of them?

So, are you excited about the bug movie yet? I am. I will be sure to queue up with all the excited movie goers and watch this suspense thriller first hand.

I have always like Ahsley Judd movie. She has that wise and fearless look on her face. None of those screaming bimboes type, don't you think so? So, I cannot wait to see how she is going to deal with the drones who are coming for the queen.

Now, it will be cool if they releases some cockcroaches on the cinema's floor, put a bunch of non-stinging bees to buzz buzz for special effect. Gee, that will be fun! The girls are going to scream and lift their skirts up. LOL.

Just take a look at Ashley Judd's cool face in the poster. That's me when I have to deal with bugs. But don't give me any maggots or creepy crawlies with no legs. Now, that is a different story.

You can watch the Bug movie trailer from this link. Enjoy and make sure you keep the date free.....Bug, coming to a cinema near you this end of May.


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