Thursday, May 10, 2007

Lovin' the tomboy mode

Sometimes, I go through periods when I hate the sight of make-up, skincare and any frilly clothings. I just want to jump into jeans and t-shirts and go sans make-up and could't care about combing hair too. But the shitty thing is whenever I am into that tomboy mode, I am sure bumped into people that I hate to meet up with.

Yet, the freedom of make-up free face is so light. You can rub your face anywhere, like your kid's shirt for e.g., without worrying if it is going to cause an ugly brown patch. You can kiss and snuggle without worrying about lipstick stains.

But those tomboy moods do not last long. Then, out come the ICI paints and cement trucks.

That pallette of super expensive Bobbi Brown is sitting on the shelf, waiting for my mood to return. Blek.

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