Friday, May 18, 2007

City audio guides

Almost everyone has an iPod or any of such MP3 players. The mobile phones are now equipped with a walkman. So, the best way to reach an audience is to do podcast and recordings so that they can listen while they do something else.

So, this company Variant Guide has come up with an innovative and revolutionary way by using this technology for the tourists. Variant Guide offers tourists convenient travel guide in audio formats. They cover the cities of Moscow and Paris, with Barcelona and more. All these are recorded in MP3 format. To use it, you just merely upload them to any audio device, which supports MP3 format and take them with you wherever you want and whoever you want with.

The nicest part is this guide is both affordable and interesting. Now, you can have factual, historical and useful contemporary information about the cities of Europe with you everywhere. Check out the site for more details!

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