Friday, May 18, 2007

Of sound machines and strobe lights

My son is involved in a youth group who is organising a youth camp during the school holidays. He had been asking around for strobe lights and sound machines. Unfortunately, I am totally out of touch with these.

They have very tight budget and hence, cannot afford the regular deejays. So, right now their committee is still hunting high and low for sounds machines while they probably will make do without the strobe lights.

While I was helping him to Google for local companies, I discovered these sound machines which is actually a device to help you sleep better. Now, this is really something new to me. To me sound machines produce loud noises. But this one will play sounds based on Delta, Alpha, or Theta brainwaves—coaxing your brain to “match” these frequencies and enter healthier states of repose.

Hey, I need one of these sound machines please. I need sleep. zzzZZZZZ

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