Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The hospital A&E - an interesting place to hangout

Sometimes, I think I should have been a reporter because of my inquisitive nature. I like to know about the how, why, when, whom, when and which. Maybe you can call this busybody. But it is nice to write out a storyline based on what I hear and see.

Never mind, I am a blogger and hence, can become the self elect reporter. There was this old man who needs some medical attention. Along with him came two car load of relatives whom are not only loud, they are trying to be smart. The whole A&E was filled with their voices, their phones and their smart theories. It can be very annoying when the whole bunch throw their medical advices around. Well, not medical but mumbo jumbo beliefs.

If I am there because of some traumatic event, I think I will stand up and scream at them to shut the fark up because they are sooo noisy. But since, I was there for nothing major, I just sit back and enjoy the scene.

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