Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lap Band Weight Loss Surgery

I have often wondered why some people can get as obese as they are. Is it due to their hormones? Or is there something medically that cause it? Aren't there intervention which can help them?

Recently, due to all these questions in my mind, I had been finding out more about obesity. When I attend my teenage sons' school cross country event, I cringed when I see how some of the teenagers are overly obese and not able to even walk with ease.

Lap Band Surgery is one of the method that are being used in the United States and other parts of the world to help with obesity. As the name indicate, it is a small and minimal invasive surgery which is an alternative to stomach stapling. I urge all of you to read more and understand how it is carried out.

Hopefully, this method using the UCSD Medical Center's LAP-BAND® Program for Obesity can help. UCSD's integrated program offers patients an outpatient surgical solution for long-term weight loss. And may we as a community help in reducing obesity which is not only health threatening but also a big dent to the children and adult's self-esteem.

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