Friday, May 25, 2007

How often do you meet someone born on the same day as you?

Not very often, right? Well, coincidentally, my deceased son, Vincent has the same birthday as the doctor who treated him. Doc C once said to me, "We are fated to meet." Doc C is very fond of my son and I am glad that until today, Doc C is still my other children's doc. He is also my bro-in-Christ as it was him who showed me the real meaning of being a Christian. God bless him. Until now, four years after my son's passing, I can still call it a day of celebration. My son never get to even celebrate his first birthday. But I can now celebrate Doc C's birthday, so that I can remember my own son.

That's not the end of the coincident. My reader happens to have the same birthday as me. We are many years apart. But then, somehow, we have all the chemicals to make fizzy drinks. No sizzle, only fizzle. Well, will I one day celebrate my birthday with people who are born on the same date as me? We shall see...

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