Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The meaning of subliminal

It is a nice word. Sub-li-mi-nal. Not very easy to pronounce, isn't it? It is something like subtle. And it means :

Below the threshold of conscious perception

as defined by WordWeb.

As a woman, I do know a lot about subliminal and subtle. What about reading body languages? All these are things that we have the knack for. Well, not everyone has it but most do.

Do you know that there is also a genre of music call subliminal music? I strongly suggest you to take a look at the subliminal CDs available on this site. They claim that these can help us to overcome many things like weight problems, esteem, stress and many more.

Now, wouldn't that be great to plug on to the music, shut the world out and just immerse in them? I know I need some right now. My head is pounding, my body is tired and all I want is to do nothing, hear nothing and see nothing. Just let me escape into a quite world with nothing but subliminal music. That will be wonderful. So, excuse me while I surf further and see what I can get from them. They provides free international shipping and for that price, I think I want to get several topics including Be Assertive. Great, I can even download for only USD16.95. *roar* I am going to be so assertive from now on. No more doormat for me.

*this post is brought to you by subliminal CD*

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