Friday, May 18, 2007

Medical care at home

The other day, there was this heart wrenching story on the local papers about this old man whose wife has a stroke. She is unable to sit and only can lie in sleeping position. She no longer can eat and hence, need a feeding tube. However, the old man has problem getting a nurse to change her feeding tube and that's why the paper highlighted his plight.

Talking about such situations, I know none of us are prepared to deal with things like these. But in a situation when there is no option, we can actually do it. I used to deal with suction for my own son. I had many medical equipments at home as well.

So, in as much as I feel sad for the poor old man, I think, our society is better off if we start having a positive mindset and learn all these skills. Churches, temples and all the charity bodies ought to be prepared to help out instead of relying on the medical sectors. With proper equipment like stethoscopes, blood pressure monitor and etc, and with some training and skills, we can make the community a happier place.

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