Saturday, May 19, 2007

Pet Insurance

All pet lovers must have been shocked with the recent news about poisons leaking into pet foods. If I have a pet, I would be very concerned too. Pets are so much part of our life and hence, it is only right we take care of their well-being.

So, are your pets insured? Don't you think that it is wise to do so because they do get sick and needed vet's attention. This can be very expensive. So, folks do give a thought about getting pet insurance. Let me show you the statistics and I am very sure it will change your mind.

In 2006 alone, PetCare Pet Insurance paid out over $16,800,000 in North America for covered accidents and illnesses to pet owners.

Common conditions/claims paid:
Cancer Treatments: $5,500
Hip Dysplasia: $6,000
Fracture: $3,000
Foreign Body Ingestion: $3,500
Viral Infection: $3,000
Eye Problems: $3,000
Gastro Intestinal Problems: $3,000

Hope that is helpful for you to decide about getting pet insurance.

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